Finish Line Park Meadows

Somebody train me, please

Taken while in line at the retail store, Finish Line, today. This employee looked up at us as we waited in line, and then looked back down at his computer without a word of acknowledgement. Ouch.

There are a lot of places we can purchase Nike KD’s, including online, and the competition is stiff.  You want repeat customers who feel loyal to you because they know they’re going to be treated well? You want to increase the lifetime value of a customer? Then get on it and train your staff to understand the key data points in business.

Diagnosis: Improperly trained employee. Doesn’t understand the flow of money in business. Manager probably doesn’t monitor his employee’s performance.

Key Data Points:

  • Transaction value: $160
  • Customer Lifetime Value: $160
  • Lost Opportunity Value: Unknown (if a company does an exceptional job then I’m loyal and write a positive review, if not, I blog about it, tweet it, put it on Facebook and write a review online since every consumer deserves to know where they can get an exceptional customer experience.)
  • Reputation Management Value: Well, this blog post is now influencing the purchasing behaviors of others in a negative way, so it is a dollar figure that will remain unknown.

TEACHING MOMENT: Even if you’re helping another customer and you make eye contact with another who is waiting, the proper thing to do is acknowledge them with a statement like, “Thank you for your patience, we’ll be with you in just a moment.” Or in this case when you’re not helping another customer, you immediately drop what you’re doing and make the sale. After all, your job depends on… wait for it… SALES! This is Customer Care 101… not rocket science.