The most important thing that you should be focusing on in your business is the customer experience.  It is the life blood of your future and the businesses that are best positioned for future growth are training their staff to provide an exceptional customer experience to everyone.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from this video:

The answer is yes, now what is the question.

You’re totally exposed when you’re in the service buisness.  There is no hiding behind anything.

The gold rule is so simple:  if you don’t have fun at what you do, you’re in the wrong business.

Consumers have a basic need to feel connected, to feel part of belong, engagement and a sense of community.

They want to see a positive environment behind the counter.

Each action, reaction, interaction and transaction is unique – you have one shot to get it right.

The more your staff is allowed to be themselves, the more comfortable they are.  The customers feel this.

The warm hug of hospitality is the lasting impression consumers feel.

Great organizations are humble enough to know they don’t have all the answers.

Creating an exceptional customer experience isn’t hard.  Be clear on your core values. What value do you bring to consumers? Just REACH!

Reach to inspire
Reach to create joy
Reach to be unique
Reach to leave an impression
Reach to be new and better
Reach to have fun
Reach to create loyalty
Reach to do more
Reach for love