I secretly love this – it makes me giggle.

I saw this at my local Walgreens and there are so many lessons here for retailers about core competencies, I think the only way to tackle this and maintain my sense of humor is, well, one bullet point at a time.


Lesson #1:  Stick with your core competencies.  This isn’t complicated stuff here. I don’t go to Walgreens for flowers, I go there for duct tape, ice cream and discounted Bronco-wear… wait, what? Oh, right, and medicine.
Lesson #2:  Flowers are low profit and highly perishable. I speak from experience here – my mom owned a floral shop. You’re teetering on delusional to think you can pull this product category off. (Thank you for providing me with the supporting evidence).
Lesson #3:  The POS is prime real estate. Treat it with respect and you’ll get more add-on sales. This is retail 101.
Lesson #4:  Train, train, train!  Teach your people to take pride in the workplace so that they’ll take initiative and keep it as clean as their home. (Huh… let’s ponder that one, they might have vases of dead flowers in their home – scratch that analogy).
Lesson #5: The signage. I’ll give you a 3 on a scale of 10 for attempting the notion of an irresistible offer, but the typography, layout, professionalism? Well, my 11-year old son would crush you like a grape in a head-to-head competition.
Lesson #6:  Hire a new manager. There are a lot of highly skilled people out of work that would bring massive value to your little shop of horrors.

Oh, and thanks Walgreens, for reminding me that I should shop local.