This training is as swift as a bullet train & as accurate as a heat seeking missile.

I’ve always struggled with getting my website to reflect my voice, my authenticity, my quirkiness, and my tone. Ash & Jamie really helped me pull it all together with some powerful exercises that FORCED me to stop guessing what my ideal customer was thinking. No business that is building their brand online should be without this tool!

What It Is:

A fun, straight-to-the-point, easy-to-follow online design + copywriting course for entrepreneurs and bloggers who need their websites, digital products, social media presence, and marketing materials to look and sound pro – without having to hire a pro.

How It’s Delivered:

Instant downloadable self-study course–go through it at your own pace.

Who’s it For:

A small business owner or blogger with a web presence who has not had their site professionally designed in the past, and who may not have the budget for it, but they’re smart enough to know that appearances are everything–and they won’t have a chance unless they can look professional enough.

A small business owner or blogger with a web presence who has had their site professionally designed in the past, but continually need design elements for their product launches or marketing materials.

A small business owner or blogger who’s frustrated because they aren’t getting enough subscribers, inquiries or sales–and who recognizes that what they say and how they present themselves really can make ALL THE DIFFERENCE. (This is where the copywriting portion of the class comes into play; we take the stance that you might have the best designed website in the world, but if you can’t compel people to take action, it’s worthless. Similarly, if you have the best copywriting skills in the world, but your site doesn’t look professional enough? It’s also, unfortunately, pretty worthless. This course will show you how to master both with respect to the things you need most to make a killer impression with your web presence and marketing materials–online and off.)

Get on the train or strapped to the rocket and let’s go!

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